Metabolism testing

We are proud to offer in-office now resting metabolic rate (RMR) testing. This test gives us a 99% accurate measurement of the calories you burn at rest each and every day. This information is then used to provide you with the most accurate weight loss or maintenance plan possible. This test is also perfect for the individual looking to gain weight or for an athlete working to determine his baseline needs.

To perform this test, we use indirect calorimetery, which is considered the "gold standard" in RMR readings. You simply breathe into the machine for approximately 10 minutes and the results are calculated in our office, so you get your results and analysis on the same day!

To schedule your metabolism test, call our office today at 973.827.1733 or 201.825.3001

To prepare for your upcoming test, please adhere to the following guidelines for the most accurate reading:
At least four hours prior to the test STOP:
Eating (continue to drink water)
Caffeine containing beverages, foods, or medications
Nutritional Supplements or medications containing ephedra, ma huang,
guarana, yerba mate, or pseudoephedrine (commonly found in decongestants and diet pills)
Nicotine containing substances (tobacco, smoking deterrents such as nicotine patches and gum)
Cardiovascular and strength training exercises

*It is also mandatory that you finish taking any short-term medications (prescribed or over-the-counter) before the Med Gem test. Long-term medications are ok.

*The measurement should be performed in a quiet environment and you should relax for 10 -15 minutes prior to and throughout the measurement. Please feel free to bring a magazine or book that will help you relax.

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